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Since attempting to bring this site, and also my enthusiasm back from the dead. I thought it would be a cool idea if I included a page of ideas. These are ideas that I've had, or possible still consider, in respect of software solutions that I would like for devoctomy to work on, either just out of the love of programming, or to try to make a successful product. So how I thought I would handle this is page, is by listing ideas here, by title, with a simple description and then separate pages with the idea broken down into more detailed sections. I have decided that there's no point in letting these ideas just fade into the ether, I should get them out there, not only to provide content for the site, but potential fuel for others to create. I'm not worried about others taking my ideas, as it's very unlikely that there are people hiding the bushes, just waiting for me to come out with ideas that they can take, that just doesn't happen. I also want these ideas to be fluid, unlike blog posts that I want to create just once and only amend if I find errors, I would like the ideas to be updated as / when I see fit.

Who Are We?

Founded in February 2015, devoctomy is a software development company that specialises in all things Windows, based on the south coast of England, near sunny ol' Brighton (Where all the cool kids go).

What Do We Do?

Simply put, we write software of various kinds, primarily Windows Based. Although we haven't released anything just yet, we have an archive of potentially cool and fun products that we plan on releasing in the near future. We just need to polish off some final bits in order to ready them for the public. That includes games and applications. If you would like to stay notified of our developments, come back regularly and read our blog posts, or alternatively you can sign up for our newsletter on the 'About' page.

About The Website

This website was created using an open-source Jekyll theme from Thomas Vaeth. Picked for its simple but elegant design. You might ask that if we are a software development company, why didn't we create our own? Well you may or may not know that the world of software development is a huge field, website development is not our forte so we would rather leave it to those that can do it best. Plus as the code is open-source, feel free to download and play with it.