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Over the past year or so, devoctomy have been developing a few applications for Windows 10 devices, it’s been a slow process, mainly due to having full time jobs and other commitments, but we are nearing having beta releases of some of the applications that we have been working on.


A game for the whole family, based off of a popular word game but with a massive, exciting twist to really mix things up. No variant like this currently exists and we think you will love it.


A fun application for making funny photos of yourself and your friends and family. As with word.spang we have tried to mix things up by adding functionality not currently seen in any other “photo booth” apps.


A typing application that is designed to be fun, but also to teach you to type faster and more accurately.


A funny take on a mundane application, the simple clock gets an overhall; with a twist.

You might ask why the word “spang” at the end of each application, one thing you can be guaranteed with our applications that follow this moniker, is that they will be fun and amusing to play / use. It’s merely our way of saying that these are our “not so serious” creations.

If you would like to know when beta releases of these applications will be available for you to get access to, simply head over to our “contact” page and sign up to our newsletter.

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