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Welcome to the home of devoctomy, a small software development start-up based in Brighton.


After a long time of being extremely snowed under with my day job, I was unable to dedicate the time necessary to this website. Fortunately, I now believe that the tide has turned and I have some time on my hands, so I look forward to bringing some (hopefully) regular updates in the near future.

Although visible content is still thin on the ground, there is much that I hope to be sharing within the coming months. The company itself has pivoted slightly, from solely Windows, to a more generic stand-point, including VR (Windows / Android / Linux).

I’m also hoping to release more content onto GitHub and even the Unity store (some free, some paid packages).

You can visit our GitHub organisational home, here. We don’t have masses of useful code there at the moment, but as mentioned previously, there is plenty to come.

CEO and developer for devoctomy. Gadget and dance music enthusiast, always full of ideas, but severely lacking in time and patience. You just gotta grab the bull by the horns, and get shit done!