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After almost 4 years since devoctomy was founded, we are finally nearing release of our first official commercial application, cachy, the ‘Cross-Platform Password Protection System’.

A Little Background

As things have been extremely quiet regarding cachy on the devoctomy website, well, regarding anything really! I thought I had best provide a little bit of background information.

To put it as simply as possible, cachy has been in development for around a year now, and was born out of necessity for a cross-platform password protection system, similar to KeePass, but a little newer and with a nicer user experience, no disrespect meant to KeePass, as it is an invaluable tool, and we can only dream of cachy being anywhere near as popular or as widely used.

Coming Soon!

Expect to see more information posted here in the coming weeks, along with an official home for cachy, which will be at I have lots to do, so I best get on with it!

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