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cachy Is Now Code-Complete

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cachy is now code-complete and in the process of being released on both the Microsoft Store and Google Play app stores.

Submitting For Approval

The release became finalised last night and released to internal channels which at current is only available to a select few people. Today I am spending the time to push the releases public, as paid apps. In doing so, I am also having to do some final non-code related things in order to proceed with the store submission, such as including business bank account information (which I had naively left up to now).

Sad thing is, if I had got all of that started last week, cachy would probably be released now, but it is what it is, and you can be assured that cachy is well and truly on it’s way, at last.

Approval Hitches

Unfortunately I don’t for one moment expect that the approval process will be quick and simple (once account information is supplied) as the app will need to go through acceptance tests from Microsoft and Google, but I’m hopeful that anything that does pop up will be quick and easy to resolve. So with any luck, cachy should be available to download from the app stores in question at some point during the week.

I realise the cachy website is a little ropey at the moment, but it’s just serving a purpose and will hopefully get updated in the following months. Anyway, fingers crossed that cachy’s users enjoy it as much as I hope!

For more info, head on over to the cachy website at

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